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10 Sons of Dharma - hardcover $24.00

Shri Adi Guru Dattatreya is the manifestation of the powers of Shri Brahma, Shri Vishnu and Shri Shiva. Shri Mataji has explained how the ten primordial masters or gurus, were the incarnations of Shri Dattatreya. They came on Earth at different times to establish the qualities of the Void and with the sole purpose of taking the seekers out of the darkness of ignorance and towards the light of God. Their common message was of devotion and faith towards the One God.


Raja Janka was the first primordial master, who was born in India and showed humanity the quality of detachment, even though he was a King. The second incarnation was Abraham, who showed full faith and belief in God. The third incarnation was of Moses who communicated the ten commandments from God. Then came Zarathustra, Confucius, Socrates, Lao Tzu, Mohamad, Guru Nanak and Sai Baba of Shirdi. Each reinforcing the faith and trust in God Almighty. 




Regina Raccoon - hardcover $14.99

Regina Raccoon came from a very artistic family, but she couldn’t sit still long enough to create anything of her own. Her mother assured her that one day she would find her art. Then one fateful day, when everything seemed to go wrong for the little raccoon, the most unexpected thing happened. She discovered the creativity that was always hidden deep inside of her, which proved her mother’s wisdom to be true.


Teddy and the Power Within - paperback $14.99

In this family camping adventure, Teddy discovers how his inner powers can solve an annoying problem: look within for the simplest and most effective solution.


Teddy Gives a Bandana  - hardcover  $21.00

                                    - paperback $16.00

In this gentle, affectionate little tale by Felicity Payment, Teddy feels that his resting place on the dresser in Jamie's bedroom is a bit too uncomfortable for sleeping. So leaving the house, he searches the natural surroundings for a better bed, making many woodland friends in this quest. Eventually both he and Jamie, who by now misses him, bandhan for help. The result is the perfect solution. Shanti Nair's innocent illustrations would captivate any small child. A very useful book for introducing Sahaja techniques to young children, in a simple way. Showing how our inner desires connect to all living energy.


Touches of Wisdom - hardcover  $18.00

"Every child is born with innate wisdom... growing up, the stories they hear and their own experiences strengthen the ability to tell between right and wrong. Shri Mataji has created that perfect magic carpet that we sail on- from episodes where She demonstrated courage in the face of violence, to showing us how Mother Nature works to fulfill our wishes. Illustrated from the vivid memories that enlightened minds hold dear, these three stories invite our children to visualize the qualities of love, obedience and courage - qualities that we treasure so much. So, read at night, dream during the day... - prepare to be touched!"


Felicity Fox - hardcover  $14.99

It is Felicity Fox’s birthday and her mama gives her the most wonderful present, a beautiful box of colored chalk! There is nothing that Felicity loves more than art, so she is beside herself with joy at trying it out. When it comes time to share her treasure with her neighbor Wesley Weasel, 

however, Felicity’s happiness turns into frustration and anger. Felicity’s grandpa lovingly teaches her about the virtue of generosity, and his shining example awakens the desire in the little fox to share her present. When she does, she is not only able to enjoy her chalk much more, but her friendship as well. So her grandpa gives her the best birthday present of all - the power of generosity.

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Leo Lionheart - hardcover  $14.99

Little Leo loves to play being a big and brave superhero with his best friend Fifi. He is anything but heroic, however, when he and Fifi play. Time and again Leo loses his courage and it is tiny Fifi who has to come to his rescue. It gets to the point when Leo nearly gives up hope that he will ever find his lion's heart. But when Fifi get's into real trouble, Leo discovers that deep inside himself there is a well of bravery that he didn't know existed. 


Big Sister - paperback $14.99

The Sahaja sister book explores the role and importance of sahaja sisters. Embracing chakra by chakra the purest qualities of sisters that make us love them so much.  Providing the shakti  power to their siblings, sisters are blessed with a special right to  protect through correcting. We should all be so lucky to have sahaja sisters to guide us through the pangs of growing up. Hand-painted illustrations and sahaja ideals, help us teach the next generation the high standards of conduct set out by our Mother, in another addition to the Sahaja universe of enlightened media. The qualities of a sister are in all our chakras and nadis let us discover them together.


My First Book of Chakras - hardcover  $26.00

Two Sahaja Yogi parents were sitting on the front lawn outside the Borotin school one beautiful summer day when one of the children whipped out a comic book to 'tune out'. Looking at this child immersed in Captain America, the father could not help commenting - ' wish we had children's books on chakras and the deities that we could use to educate our children.. they spend too much time on comics!" The Universe must have been listening - one summer later, we now have the first chakra book helping young Yogis traverse the world from Mooladhara to Sahasrara, with illustrations lovingly composed by Yogi hands. 


Big Brother Book - paperback $14.99

Hand-painted illustrations and colorful memories help us relive fragrant experiences and teach the young ones, in another addition to the Sahaja universe of enlightened media. The qualities of a brother are in all our chakras and nadis lets discover them together.



Nirmala's Story - paperback $15.00

This is the story of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, a highly revered spiritual personality of our times, in a beautiful book of illustrations covering some remarkable moments of Her life. Penciled and penned and canvased by Sahaja Yogi artists around the world, this is a publication you will enjoy whether or not you have children to put to sleep. Nirmala's Story is for our children to learn (2-4) how She walked the earth and taught us to Love Life...



La Historia de Nirmala - paperback $15.00

Shri Krishna fue elogiado en el Bhagavad Gita, Shri Durga Devi adorada en la Atharvashirsham y Moisés recordado en los mandamientos ... pero? Cómo explicamos todo esto a los niños? El Leela es diferente a nuestra Madre Divina - adorado en su vida y para siempre, su historia se encuentra ahora en un hermoso libro de ilustracionesque va a enseñar una manera de vivir, a nuestros hijos. Dibujado y escrito por Sahaja artistas de todo el mundo, se trata de una publicación que podrá ser disfrutada por los grandes y los niños ... 18 páginas de descripciones hermosas! La Historia de Nirmala es para que nuestros niños aprendan como Ella caminó por la tierra y nos enseñó a amar la vida.